Christopher's Voice is a  charitable foundation created by New Rochelle Police Detective, Christopher Greco and his wife Tracy to  - help prevent wandering of autistic children by providing lifesaving GPS and other locate equipment, to provide financial assistance to struggling families with autistic children, to provide recreational activities  and to promote and provide first responder training to police, fire and ems.

Christopher's Voice is a registered 501(c)3 corporation and donations are tax deductible. 


"We are beyond grateful with the project lifesaver perimeter alarm that was donated by Christopher's Voice. Our son Christian is deaf, has autism and is nonverbal. Christian loves the outdoors and If given the opportunity he would run out in a heartbeat. This device will alert us if our son wanders off and most importantly help us find him. It will allow us to have a little peace of mind. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you!" New Rochelle, NY

 Christopher's Voice is a non profit organization that provides assistance to families with Autistic children and to promote public awareness. Christopher's Voice donated a device and equipment called Project Lifesaver to my family. I want to thank Chris Greco and his foundation Christopher's Voice, for the generous donation of Project Lifesaver. Words can not explain how appreciative we are to have this equipment to help put a little more ease into our lives. Dutchess County, NY

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Meet the Family

Meet Tracy, Chris, Christopher and Gabriella

The Autism Family that

"Gets It"


Meet Christopher

Christopher's Voice was created in honor of our son, Christopher. Christopher is a beautiful and innocent child, who at 13 years old remains non-verbal.

A sweet child who has asked for nothing but deserves everything!



Tracy Greco

Founding Board Member


Chris Greco


Gabriella Greo

A wonderful little sister, full of life and love - who already at 7 years old understands and has embraced her role.

Christopher's Guardian Angel.

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Christophers Voice Live Facebook Posts

2 weeks ago

New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Challenge

From New Rochelle to Rome… City of Rome, NY Police DepartmentThe Rome Police Department’s Team was able to raise a total of $2500 for the Kelberman Center Walk for Autism! The walk was held at SUNY Polytechnic Institute this morning and had an awesome turn out. Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed!!! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Challenge

Still going….Good morning everyone! Our department still has autism patches available if anyone is interested in purchasing one. All proceeds raise will be donated to a local autism foundation. Patches are $10 each plus $1 for shipping. If you are local, you can stop by our station and get one if you prefer. We except PayPal, check, or cash. Send us a message if interested. Thank you for your support! ... See MoreSee Less

Still going….

We also gave out two special awards today to Christopher and GabbI Greco. ... See MoreSee Less

We also gave out two special awards today to Christopher and GabbI Greco.Image attachment

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Congratulations! ! 🙂

This post has just been spammed

Shock and awe is all we can say. Tracy and I were stunned by the turn out, the support, gifts and love today for Christopher. Truly grateful to every agency that sent emergency vehicles and their personnel into New Rochelle for our autism awareness first responders day at Ward. The kids were super excited and happy to see you all.. And so was Principle Franco Miele… So many to thank…

Amtrak Police
Eastchester Police Department
Scarsdale Fire Department
Empress Emergency Medical Services
Ossining EMS
Safeway Towing
Vincent Service Station, Inc.
Pelham Police
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla City Island
Town of Mamaroneck, NY Police
New Rochelle Police Department
Eastchester EMS
Croton On Hudson Emergency Medical Services

New Rochelle Firefighters

Thank you Jason for the car!

Out of Many, One!

And thank you to The Emblem Authority for the 100 donated patches that we gave away to the students today. In total we distributed 250 patches and were still short…. But I think some patches may have left the city… hmmmmm

Thank you NRPD peeps for everything!

Christopher was very happy to see you all too and enjoyed his first trip out of the hospital in 12 months.

If I missed any agencies please shout it out here!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for answering the call! Got pics? E-mail panrpresident@gmail.com and I will post some.

Chris Greco

City of New Rochelle, NY
... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations great job

Congratulations chris and Tracy and all the 1st responders who participated ...great pictures and a wonderful day for all!

Kudos one and all

Very Impressive! Great family, great kids and great community

I am so happy it turned out to be such a fabulous day for everyone especially Christopher… Keep up the good work…

Kudos one and all

What a wonderful event. Great job one and all!

Amazing work! Thank you so much to all who organized and participated!

How Awesome that so many people including The Police, EMS, Fire Departments, U.S. Coast Guards & to all that helped ! Thank You All So Very Much & God Bless 🙏💙🧩

So beautiful 😍

This is so amazing! Makes us very happy!!!

NRFD also there!

What an outstanding job Christopher Greco and Tracy Camillone Greco, your endless effort is truly inspiring. Proud to be a neighbor and a friend.

Empress Ambulance!


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3 weeks ago

New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Challenge

Hope to see some of you tomorrow at Ward School, NeW Rochelle Broadfield Rd10-85 PLEASE JUST ONE LAST TIME at Ward Elementary school on April 30th. My son Christopher turns 13 years old this April but unfortunately Christopher will spend his birthday at Blythdale Children's Hospital, where he has been for the last ONE YEAR! BUT on April 30th Christopher has a dentist appointment in New Rochelle and we are making a special stop at William B. Ward Elementary School so Christopher can visit his teachers, aids and friends during their Autism Awareness day hosted by Tracy Camillone Greco...but then its back to Blythdale. There is a very short window for Christopher to visit his school and It will be a very emotional day for us - but with your help we can make it magical for Christopher and his school. If you are Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Tow Truck, or whatever and are free on April 30th please meet us on Quaker Ridge Road and Broadfield Road and together we can celebrate Christopher's Birthday. Christopher has inspired a nation through the Autism Patch Challenge and I know he will be thrilled to see you all one last time at Ward School Whose In? Estimated time of arrival at Ward is 1030 to 1045. ... See MoreSee Less

Hope to see some of you tomorrow at Ward School,  NeW Rochelle Broadfield RdImage attachmentImage attachment

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We will be there!

I hope that the visit went well and Christopher was overwhelmed with support! Keep your chin up and keep smiling! 🙂


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