Project Lifesaver Perimeter Systems

projectlifesaver_500.jpgProject Lifesaver is an early warning detection system to help prevent a wandering event from occurring. This device, along with the PLI-1000 search receiver will bring peace of mind to an entire new level. No cell service or monthly subscriptions required. These devices work with Radio Frequency technology. Simple, yet effective. 

The PLI-PR1 Perimeter – a handheld technology that can be used by a caregiver to protect and prevent a special needs wanderer from eloping!

The PLI-PR1 Perimeter is a portable unit that emits a radio frequency boundary of approximately 100 feet within a building (300 feet outside with limited obstructions); this boundary will act as a safety zone. If the safety zone is exceeded, the red LED on top of the unit will flash and an audible alarm will sound to alert the caregiver and enable them to prevent the elopement before it occurs. It is imperative to understand that the PLI-PR1 Perimeter is only compatible with the latest transmitter implemented by Project Lifesaver, the Data Transmitter Module (DTM), which is an upgrade to the traditional CS transmitter used currently. The DTM has data transfer capabilities which gives it the ability to interact with its paired perimeter unit, which enables the unit to identify when the individual has broken its boundary and exceeded the safety zone.

The PLI-PR1 Perimeter is rechargeable, and since it is portable, you can take the PLI-PR1 Perimeter with you to be used anywhere outside of the home. This technology not only helps secure the home of a special needs wanderer but is also the perfect security tool for caregivers while traveling!

Please be advised that individuals residing in a Project Lifesaver area will need prior approval to utilize this technology from the local PLI Member Agency.

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