Who We Are

Home Page Image800.pngChristopher's Voice is a charitable foundation in New Rochelle, NY created by Christopher Greco and his wife Tracy, in honor of their son Christopher. Christopher’s Voice was created to help improve the lives of autistic children.

Christopher is now a permanent resident of Elizabeth Seton Children's Center and since 2019 has been confined to a wheel chair or hospital bed. Although Christopher still shows signs of Autism, his medical condition is much more fragile due to complications from his more recent diagnosis of Epilepsy, Dystonia and 15q Duplication Syndrome.

Christopher Michael Greco is a true warrior and despite his deteriorating health we are still dedicated to our original missions of assisting autistic children in Westchester County and giving Christopher a Voice.

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Our Mission

Prevent Wandering by Providing lifesaving GPS and other locate equipment

Provide financial assistance for medical, dental and legal needs of autistic children

Provide recreational activities for autistic children

Provide free first responder training on autism

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Christopher's Police Patch Challenge


Christopher Greco First Responder Training


Westchester Magazine
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