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Christopher's Voice was created as a charitable foundation to help improve the lives of autistic children and their families. Christopher's Voice was active from 2017 through 2023. It was created by New Rochelle Police Detective Christopher Greco (retired) and his wife Tracy Greco in honor of their now critically ill and autistic son Christopher. 

Christopher's Voice made significant contributions to the autism community and directly to autistic children and their families. Since 2017 Christopher's Voice sponsored and paid for autism training for over 600 Westchester County First Responders.  Over 150 police, fire and EMS agencies are equipped with emergency sensory kits; dozens of autistic children have been equipped with free lifesaving GPS search and locate devices; special education classrooms, Special Education PTA's, and local and national organizations that support the autism community have all received funds; financial donations were made directly to families living with autism; and as a result of the New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Program created by Detective Greco in 2017, an estimated one million dollars was raised and donated directly to local autism organizations throughout the country. Because of the New Rochelle Police Autism Patch Challenge, thousands of first responders from around the country are more aware and better trained on handling autistically challenged individuals.

Unfortunately, shortly after Christopher's 12th birthday in 2017 and just after launching Christopher's Voice his health began to rapidly decline. After a significant fall from a drop seizure, Christopher suffered a traumatic brain injury and never returned home. Christopher, along with his parents, spent the next 2+ years living in various hospitals throughout New York trying to rehabilitate Christopher, but to no avail. Since March of 2020 Christopher has been a resident of Elizabeth Seton Children's Center, confined only to a wheelchair and hospital bed. Although Christopher still lives with autism, his medical condition is much more fragile and threatening due to complications from his more recent and life-threatening diagnosis of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (severe epilepsy), dystonia and 15q duplication syndrome.

Christopher’s unheard voice, through the Christopher’s Voice foundation, has had a positive impact on the autism community and will be remembered for many years to come. Christopher is an inspiration and a true warrior!  He and his family have touched the lives of thousands of people, and this website is dedicated to celebrating Christopher’s life and his contribution to the world.

Christopher's Voice is no longer accepting or making donations. Those seeking to make a donation are encouraged to support other local autism charities and/or the Elizabeth Seton Children's Center.  

Throughout Christopher's journey, the Greco's received an astounding amount of support for their family and for Christopher's Voice.  That support was the pillar of  their dedication, which gave them the strength to care for their critically ill son, while also continuing the Christopher's Voice mission in his honor.  Since August of 2023 and through January 2024 Christopher spent many more weeks at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital due to uncontrollable and severe seizures. In January of 2024 Christopher underwent surgery to receive a Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) implant, designed to reduce the number of seizures and make them less severe.​ 

During their most recent and difficult challenges the Greco's ​​continued to receive an overwhelming amount of expressions of faith, love, and continued support and confidence via countless personal notes and phone calls; all of which has been enormously meaningful to them in more ways than they could possibly express.  

Despite his failing health and recent challenges, the Greco's will continue to honor their son Christopher and will continue their commitment to improving the lives of autistic children whenever and however they can.  

The Greco's ask for your continued prayers for Christopher.

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"Hello I would like to Thank Christopher Voice foundation for the Angel Sense device. This will put my mind at ease knowing I'm able to track my son and know where he is at all time. Thank you so much for funding this device for us. Thank you thank you so much God bless." New Rochelle, NY 11/10/2023

"You guys did more good for this world and kids with autism then anyone else we know. People are alive because of your work. Cops are better trained because of your work, thank you."

"We are beyond grateful with the project lifesaver perimeter alarm that was donated by Christopher's Voice. Our son Christian is deaf, has autism and is nonverbal. Christian loves the outdoors and If given the opportunity he would run out in a heartbeat. This device will alert us if our son wanders off and most importantly help us find him. It will allow us to have a little peace of mind. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you!" New Rochelle, NY

“Thank you so much Christopher's Voice for helping my family....this really means a lot to me....no one can understand what a parent goes through until they go through it....it has been a tough beginning of a school year but thanks to your family this can make a big difference....again thank you for supporting not only my son but for any child with autism!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Accomplishments since 2017

  • Dozens of life saving GPS search and locate equipment donated to autism families in Westchester County and beyond.
  • Over 600 First Responders Trained on Autism at the Westchester County Police Academy
  • Hundreds of Emergency Sensory Kits donated to First Responder Agencies throughout Westchester County and the Country 
  • Vested NYPD BloodHounds specializing in search and rescue 
  • Over ~$1,000,000 donated nationally to local autism charities through the creation of the Autism Patch Challenge
  • Thousands donated to families for ordinary expenses
  • Thousands donated to organizations that support the autism community
  • Donated thousands to Special Education Classrooms 
  • Donated clothing and supplies to local children's hospital 
  • Donated thousands to local SEPTA organizations

Prevented Wandering by Providing lifesaving GPS and other locate equipment

Provided financial donations  to autism families

Funded recreational activities for autistic children

Funded first responder training on autism to over 600 first responders from 2017 through 2023

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