Is Christopher's Voice a 501(c)(3) Non For Profit Organization ?

Yes, Christopher's Voice, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization.

Are any board members of Christopher's Voice receiving a salary?

No board members of Christopher's Voice are receiving a salary. 

Who is eligible to request financial assistance from Christopher's Voice? 

Families with children living at home through their last year of high school who have been medially diagnosed with Autism are eligible to apply for financial assistance from Christopher's Voice.  Documentation may be required. 

When will funding be available to qualified families and their children?

Christopher's Voice launched in April of 2017 with no funds and will rely on donations as its primary source of revenue. 

We hope to make donations to qualified families beginning in July of 2017.  However applications for funding may be submitted to -

Tracy Greco at

Will everyone requesting funds qualify?

Christopher's Voice hopes to provide every requesting family with some financial assistance to achieve their goals. However, the board of directors will meet as needed to review and vote on all applications for funding.

Household Income limits will apply.  Christopher's Voice was created to help those families who need it the most.

 How do I apply for financial assistance?

No formal application is available at this time. If you would like to apply for financial assistance please send an email with your hardship and what you require assistance with. i.e. tracking equipment, fencing, security...etc.

Emails may be sent to Chris Greco @

How much financial assistance will Christopher's Voice provide?

Up to $1000 per family per year

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