Christopher's Mission

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Navigating the complex world of Autism Services is difficult enough. But then to find out that essential services and equipment are not covered by medical insurance or are beyond your budget is a real downer! Christopher knows, we have been there.  

Christopher’s Voice, Inc. is a philanthropic entity, whose purposes are to: (1) support programs providing recreational activities focused on autistic children and young adults; (2)  assist families financially by defraying the costs of unreimbursed medical equipment, home, and child care; (3) provide financial aid to children and youth, under the age of twenty-one (21) for betterment of their living conditions; (4) support programs which provide first responders with items beneficial to their interactions with autistic individuals; (5) financially support legal advocacy to protect the legal rights of autistic individuals; and (5) engage in fundraising activities in  furtherance of all of the aforestated.

Christopher's Voice relies on donations from people just like you! Please help Christopher's Voice today. 

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By supporting Christopher's Voice you are supporting autism families in need of financial assistance and other related services.